Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Baby!

I am so excited yall.

One of my friends, actually my very best friend during my crazy teen years, Kim, is having a baby! I am soooooo incredibly excited I could pop. She and her husband are the kind of couple you just know God made for each other. From day one they fit together like nachos and cheese, laughter and smiles, dogs and fetch, Babies and diapers. They dated for a million years just to be sure, and when they got married I know the families were thrilled with the choice they had made in dedicating their lives to each other.
And now, they are having a baby. My heart is so full it could pop with joy.

So now the question is: BSJ from EZ or the kimono from MDK?????

(I have to be all covert with the initials cause she might take a peek at my blog heh heh)

Congratulations, Kim, you are going to make a most excellent mother. Love you BIG.


knittygurl said...

Tough choice! I love them both! Tell your friend congrats!

Holly said...

BSJ! I love that one!

Jess said...