Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Socks, Hancock Fabrics and Muppets

I'll have to get a picture when the kiddos get up. L's socks are elcomplete-o and I've got a good start on G's green ones.

Hancock fabrics is going out of business here in Michigan (Granholm strikes again*)
40-60% off everything in the store, and the deals will get better and better until all the stock is gone. Whoot! I got to start on a quilt I've been daydreaming about for a very long time. I scored 9 prints in assorted blues and 2 greens for a springish quilt. I love blue belles, and I think that's what I'm going to name this blanket. I have enough to make a King Size, so that's my goal. If it drives me crazy, I'll settle for a queen and let it be for the couch. Couch naps demand a good blankie. My MIL is after me to learn how to make crazy quilts. She even got a book out. That woman is just itching to get me to open a craft store, I can feel it LOL. I was able to resist at first, but the damage was done and the images are in my mind. I may do some embroidery on the current quilt just to see if I enjoy it. I'm sure Himself is kinda hoping I don't hehehehe
Want to go back to Hancock's before its too late for material to make L and A some new curtains.....which reminds me I need to call whassisname about our broken window and the bathroom window that has....are you ready for this?......WATER in between the panes. I'm not talking about droplets either. I'm talking almost 3 inches of water. It's like our own personal barometer in the loo. How in the world did that happen????

Poor lil miss princess is feeling 'dweadfwul' so we gotta pamper and snuggle. Today will be a knit day? She likes helping me sew, I mean really really REALLY likes helping me sew. Not going to work out too well if she needs to snuggle at the same time. Knitting I can do tho. The mail should be delivering"The Muppet Show" season one I ordered last week from overstock.com.
Never before have I seen my 13 year old enjoy a dvd as much as the 18 month old until I put on the Muppet Show. The assorted Muppet movies do not impress them much, but the show was a winner hands down. So we will play that while she is feeling mumpy, but if it doesn't come, it will be Lost. Why? because her mother is obsessed. heh.

*they are the 5th large company I know of leaving this state due to her myopic socialist governing dictates. She actually had the balls to say "I don't understand why business is so upset and leaving this state" Ummmmm duh. You signed into law a tax agenda that gives you carte blanche into stealing private business profit to make up for your lack of ability in balancing a budget. This is not a socialist country, private business is not owned solely for the profit of government, but for the people who work their tails off. Yes even big business. Bah.

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