Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Virginia Tech

I guess by now you heard about what happened at Virginia Tech. *sigh*
I was kind of numb about the whole thing, cause, well, in my little daily 'chores' I read several news outlets online. Because of my personal interests, I look for what is going on in schools, and honestly, not a day goes by that there is not something that would have horrified us in the pre-Colombine days. So in that sense, my heart has become calloused. From my point of view, this massacre was just a matter of time, and it will be repeated. People want to stick their heads in the sand and still pretend kids have a sense of morality, but this group of college age and younger have been taught 'relative morals' and right and wrong being in the eyes of the beholder, and if it feels right it must be right. And then in the passion of the moment, all that feels right is getting even, striking back, and we are surprised that violence in youth is on the rise? Today its taught that there is no such thing as black and white, everything is varying shades of grey. What trollop. But that's what is widely taught and pushed. It was starting up when I was in high school, but these kids got it from day one in kindergarten.
Anyway, yesterday I stumbled into one of the victims MySpace accounts. I read all these messages from loved ones begging her to just call and let them know she is okay. I fell apart knowing she would never again be able to call anyone. That just wrenched me. She was someones beloved child. She had dreams, desires, goals and a wide open future in front of her. She was more than a news item, more than a quick headline grabber for some journalist. She was a real person, greatly loved. And now she is gone because some tool with the emotional understanding of a tick got his widdle feelings hurt by a girl who was smart enough to want to stop dating him.
Of course the media is looking to put the scapegoat blame on anyone they can, instead of the asshat who actually did this. Gun control nuts are completely ignoring that if security had guns they could have stopped this quickly(of course then they would shriek that the guards should not have killed that confused boy a peaceful blah blah blah-that gun control has never worked in any country its been instigated in, and crime only increased because then criminals were the only ones left with guns, and now knew they had no reason to fear us law abiding pigeons...BAH!)
Tell me, if you were the school president, what would you have done? Nothing like this had ever before occurred, and like 9/11 hindsight is 20/20. Sure there are hundreds, ney, thousands of things we could have and should have done differently, but what is done is done. The people in charge had no idea whatsoever this was going to happen, and neither did anyone else. Trying to proclaim a sane person guilty for not predicting an insane mans actions is ludicrous.
Turn the spotlight where it belongs. What were the influences in the persons life that led to this? What was his focus? His role models? What was it in his 22 years that taught him life was so cheap and expendable? What made him think this was his right?
Why does our media howl to blame the living for the actions of the dead? And why does our society buy into it?

Rest in Peace beloved children, my prayers are with each of your families.


knittygurl said...

true, true, true....preach it!

Lynne said...

I heartily agree; gun control in Australia is so much tighter because we had one massacre here in 1997. Some people say our prime minister over-reacted (he's still the prime minister by the way, his fourth term in office) but it worked - there has been no repeat.

God bless America needs to be more than a slogan; and he can only bless where "brethren dwell in unity"

PS By the way, I left a comment to you on Stashalong on Dawn's April 17 post.

the girl with pointy sticks said...

knittygurl , I do so enjoy my soapbox about twice a month eh? LOL

Lynne, thank you for that warm welcome on stash-a-long! Muchos gracias!
I totally agree, unity is sorely needed.

Jess said...

I wish I could say this shocked me. I really do.
The world in its entirety is backlsiding, and you're right, when you pretend grey is okay, you just open up a can of worms you will never again close. Turn on The View, you'll see what I mean.
I feel so terribly for the people that lost their children because of this person. It breaks my heart.