Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Knitting Needle Hoarder

Ohhhhh talk about a major score!

Saturday the family went to Ann Arbors recycle/reuse center to look for a pedestal sink for the downstairs bathroom (I know I know, WHY do we keep making improvements and projects when we know we are moving?) L and G scored some inline skates, Ebear got about 6 movies and Princess got a huge white stuffed bear. Himself found some fantastic computer speaker (sans one cord lol) and moi? I got TWELVE sets of aluminium knitting needles in TWELVE different sizes! Each for a DOLLAR! YeeeeHaw!!!!!
And then, I spotted a lil baggie off to the side, it had just arrived/been dropped off and was waiting to be sorted out......14 crochet hooks, several are antique and most are gauged for the finest of lace. These sizes are generally difficult to find, so that was like a double score even though I am currently not a hooker heh heh.
Nestled inside the plastic case with the crochet hooks were three sizes and complete sets of DPN's (double pointed needles) in the very exact sizes one needs for socks! Size 1, size 2 and size 3. At least those are the sizes I use most often ;-)

ALL of these fantastic Knitting goodness for....are you ready for it?

Fifteen bucks.

You know you are jealous.

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Jess said...

RUB IT IN. yeesh. I TOLD you I was jealous. yeesh.