Thursday, April 12, 2007

Health update

Well here we are enting week whatever. My ears are still producing 'interesting' "stuff"

I am honestly coming to the conclusion that my body is toxic, and a good deal of the toxicity is coming from Michigan. Since I moved here, its been little but stress and some sort of bug eating at me. We all know stress produces a chemical in our bodies that exaserbates the anxiety, which causes more stress which yadda yadda yadda will kill you eventually. I've allowed my toxic chemicals to reach proprtions that are now physically manifesting them selves in illness.

So, instead of just pounding back more antibiotics, I've turned back to my natural nature. The good Lord made just quirky enough that a good deal of my life, I've focused on the natural cures He gave us here on the planet. Often times people will roll their eyes at my advice, or practices as if modern medicine can top the potent pharmutical qualities of the plant life around us. Modern medicine has a very useful place, but honestly, its silly to say it replaces what's freely given and grown on the planet. Funny enough, these are usually the same people who comment and question me on my hair, my skin and other whatnot in the form of "how do you do it?" Heheheheheheee

So, during my search for a booster to help control my bad cholesterol (which is yet another number that climbs higher and higher dependant more on stress than actual diet) I stumbled upon Niacin research. Its a water soluable B vitamin that just works its tukkus off getting your body clear of toxins and boosting everything we need. I highly recommend you look into it for yourself and see what ya think. :-D
I started taking it last saturday (*the initial flush startled me right outta my skin!) and have already seen some dramatic results. For starters, the flush is always starting in my ears, it feels like its going directly to the site of infection to clear the crap away Whhooooohooo! I've been able to back away from the pain killers (YES!). My eyes are whiter and my cheeks are getting their color back. Over all I'm thrilled. In a month I will have my bloodwork done to check my cholesterol levels and will let ya know how thats going.

How are you?

*if you decide to try it, do NOT get the flush free version. The flush is a desired effect, you WANT to look like a lobster for 10 minutes ;-)

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Jess said...

Corby wanted me to get some of this at the store for him! I am suggesting we tackle his cholesterol (and other health issues) with dietary changes first. Sigh...