Monday, April 9, 2007

My First Lace experience

on purpose that is.
Yall know how our many first knit projects resembles a hyperactive cat's version of lace knitting? Mine sure did at least. All those dropped stitiches, and random yarn overs when I must not have been looking, adding a stitch every row.....

Well, I kid you knot, lace knitting has been getting into my dreams. And I do/did not even like lace. Seriously. I have never been interested in the stuff, cause, well, I've been a tomboy my whole life daggum it! We rough and tumble gals don't do lace.
So why the blast is it in my thoughts ALL the time? This must be some freaky mind game that knitters fall into. A Knit Trap. It was just a couple moths ago I was giggling at a friend how lace was so not on my "things to learn" list as she struggled with the swallowtail shawl pattern in the fall 2006 IK. Now here I am literally daydreaming about lace all the time!

So, I caved of course. Its knitting, not sky diving. I decided to use some of my cotton that I got from Little Knits last month. Its a steel blue/gray blend that has that subtle sheen only mercerized cotton seems to hold. Its spun in Brazil and has wider and thinner spots along a mostly consistant spin. I looked up on Knitty for an easy first timer pattern and chose Convertable.

I'm obsessed.

I know the pics are blurry, but it was the best I could muster. I've made a mistake or 6, but over all I am completely thrilled with this. I don't know if this means I'm growing/maturing in my personal scope and horizons, and will now wear *gasp* lace, or what, but at this moment, I am loving this process.

Picture with FLASH!


knittygurl said...

So pretty! I too am working on a my first lace pattern after having a similar epiphany about lace. Mine is Cobweb from Magknits. Lace rocks!

Jess said...

watch your mailbox lady.

Jess said...

Not a lace girl either, but I bet Doy might enjoy it. ;)