Thursday, April 5, 2007

What is 32$ to you?

In a month? Even making my coffee at home, I still spend at least that much. I spend more than that for my internet connection. My yarn budget is bigger than that a month. So seriously, can you spare 32$ a month?

Today we got to start sponsoring a lovely 12 year old girl in Ecuador. Compassion International is a completely above board organization whom I've sponsored through before. Over 80% of the money goes directly to the child in the form of food, clothing, medical care and her education. They account for every dime, and are truely the embodiment of what a Christian organization should be. With all the money grubbing sleazoids in the US walking around in Armani suits/dresses begging for your tithes on TV claiming they are messengers of God, and generally making my religion look like a joke that is for sale, Compassion International is a blast of fresh air.

I can not even begin to describe how warm and huge my heart felt when I showed my older boys the picture of the girl we get to help. They asked a few questions, like "why does she need us?" and "When can we go meet her" "Where is Ecuador?" on that last one I got to tell 'em to look it up on the map. When they did not return after 10 minutes I was thinking "This does not reflect well on our world map skills LOL" only to find that each of them were sitting at their desks writing her a letter. These are good boys. <3


knittygurl said...

I went on a missions trip to raise money for Compassion and they are a fantastic organization. It's great that you are spreading the word!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

It's always awesome hear that, thanks for posting! :-D