Saturday, April 7, 2007

Speaking of Muppets

I must be Miss Piggy, cause I am hogging the rippin punishment this weekend.

Going to have to do some frogging on the socks. Drat.

See the green top? Its too loose to do me any good, and I don't know why I stopped the striping when I did, its not nearly far up enough and I had intended these to be kneee socks. My decreasing it all but completely absent and it looks like my legs must be shaped like triangles or some other nonhuman form.

I'm going to blame the whole mess, and the fact that I actually cast on and got past the heel on the second sock before I realized this silliness, on the fact that I finsished the sock about the same time I was getting all sick.

Yup. thats it.

I'm blaming my bad judgement on gettin sick in the head hehehehehehehe

So, do I rip back all the green and pick up the striping, or do I just knit the green up to where I want it?

Yeah, I agree, pick up the striping, it will keep my legs from looking like the stripes died from being stretched over too wide calves heh heh heh heh


knittygurl said...

Oooooo pretty socks! What's the yarn??

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Fortissima Colori! I'm sorry, I forgot to put that in there. My LYC carries this brand in store so I get to fondle the yarn before hand. Its really excellent stuff. Made my DH a pair of red socks and they are wearing very well, but I think I will need to run some extra fibers in the soles of the socks for my boys LOL.

The toes and heel I did with some basic forest green from Knit Picks :D

Thanks for asking!

Jess said...

did you increase for the leg? I love the two different colors. I always want to do that but never think of it.

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Yep. About 2 inches above my ankle, I started adding 2 stitches on the back whenever the color/stripe changed. Kept it even. I did not make the leg long enough, so the decreases are not really noticable. Part of the whole rippit necessity. The darn thing won't stay up. Next sock I'm going to only increase by one stitch I think.