Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I am a sewing freak

We have needed a couch for some time. Really. Last September we strong armed the older 2 yahoos into sharing a room so we could take over one of their bedrooms to use as a temporary living room. Why you ask? Because winter was coming and I had finally talked my Mr. Himself into putting in the woodstove. Heating costs are outrageous, and I love using a woodstove, so why not? Right? Well this instigated the removal of the living room and kitchen walls to make on large great room. Lots of construction, lots of chaos, lots of stress, but most pertinant to this post, lack of room to store the crappy furniture.
So we tossed the couch out, moved the entertainment containment center into the temp room and so we have been using that room ever since. The woodstove was in by the end of September, paid for itself by December, and we still have to finish painting the walls and the new floors.
Anyway, the oldest chilluns had been more than patient about the whole thing. Especially with A being a far neater child than L. Last week we trhought it was time to give them their space back, and move the living room whatnot back out into the real living room, painted or not.
The masses rejoiced.

This past Saturday I decided to take a trip up to the Salvation Army, just to get some time out and about you know? After that major score in the needle department a couple weeks ago, I just can't help myself. Lo' and behold, I saw my new couch. It was THE perfect size, the style, the height, the depth. Everything I was looking for in our new living room family couch. With one problem. The fabric covering it would stun Ethel Merman to silence. Oh it had been well cared for, no doubt was covered in plastic judging by the lack of soiling. The cushions are so fresh one wonders if it was ever even sat on! Think Golden Girls circa 1980 fabric fashion sense.
It had to go. Immediately.
So, knowing how I can procrastinate like nobody's business, I purchased the couch, and drove directly to Joann's. Called Himself and explained what I had done, assured him he would not have to live with the light pink floral one second longer than I was able, and asked his opinion on what color he would like. He said brown or blue. YES!
The lovely and talented *Samantha listened to my lofty goals, and after a small bit of stunned silence, helped me find the right fabric, at the right price. Specifically 50% off the clearance price! Whoot! She helped me figure out the yardage, and promised on her embriodery hoop ring that she would not sell the remaineder of the bolt for a full week in case I needed more. Brilliant woman that she is, I am making it a point to go back and tell her mamager how fantastic I think she is.

I had the ever adorable Princess of Everything make herself available to assist my sewing Odessey of Couch sized proportions (which is a heck of a lot larger than one realizes when buying a couch thinking 'oh I'll just cover it easy peasy) ((the fool))

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knittygurl said...

Props on your moxie! I have always wanted to try my hand at reupholstering furniture but have only gone so far as to recover some dining room chairs. How long did it take you?