Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well it is now official.
Last November Himself and I saw big work related changes coming and began making plans about looking for homes down south to be near my family. The emotional support I need and such, well, something was going to break, and it looked like it was going to be my mind. From all appearances, it seemed that all signs were giving us the green light, with the biggest motivator being his job security looking sketchy. He was doing the job of 4 people and working insane hours feeling like he was anything but appreciated. Apparently he was wrong.

Yesterday, it was announced that the Michigan doors would close by Feb 2008. We would have been devastated, but you know how wacky God can be sometimes. They offered him a new position in the newly formed company with much more responsibility, and I would hope with a pay that reflects that, and it entails us moving to Cincinnati. Possibly as early as September. Yikes. How all the details will work out, I have no idea, but I do have faith. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers would ya? Moving is stressful enough without kids, now imagine it with 5 kids worth of loot.......EEEP (I am totally hiring movers this time-no matter how deep it cuts into my yarn budget).

I know some of my family and friends will be disappointed that we are not making it even further south. To be honest, I'm kinda sad about that too. It's just not on the table at this point and this job is a tremendous opportunity for Himself and our family. On the brighter side, we will actually be living on the Kentucky side on Cincinnati ???? Kentucky or Indiana, its a real estate toss up, but most likely the coin will fall in blue grass country. That my dear friends and relatives, is only a 12 hour drive compared with our 20 hour one from our current residence. Himself pinky swears that more vacation time will be a part of contract negotiations and that equates into a more flexible ability to visit down home.
The kids are pretty excited, except thing1 and Thing2 who are staging a protest. What they are protesting I am unsure about. They just like to protest. Something about being 3 and 18 months brings that out in shorties. I think its just another random toddler rebellion as they do not yet speak adult-ease. They are quite adamant about whatever it is, and somehow it involves a chihuahua and the nap cave. We probably do not really want to know. However, the older boys are pleased and looking forward to new adventures in the Kentucky outback. As a matter of fact, L and G are practicing their dueling banjos imitation right now...only with a set of drums and a git-fiddle wired with a wahwah pedal to make it sound like a bad 70's action flick.

We lead a rockin lifestyle LOL

And soon, it will be rockin in ole Kentucky.

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Lunabud Knits said...

Love the post! I'm about an hour or so south of Cincinnati in Lexington. There is so much to do here..Take the kids to Mammoth Cave, Red River Gorge, the KY Dinner Train in BArdstown. Oh, and you can't forget the Aquarium! It's absolutely AWESOME! I hope you enjoy Kentucky.