Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So here we are a week after I found out the good news. Updates you ask?
Well ;-D

On Friday Himself talked to the bossman, asked him if he could learn a little more about the job offer, and what his new duties would entail. Some chit chat back and forth, all of which I'm sure was very simulating and informative, only my DH is awful, dreadful really, at remembering the details. BUT
He was told to take the family down for a few days to check out the area on the company dime. Whoot!
As my Dear MIL said "Wow, thats big!"
So naturally my head expolded with happiness and my mothers genes kicked in. My mom, well, she is a force unto herself. One to be reckoned with, and one that, once is set in motion, can not be stopped. Give her the information she needs, and boom, she is on it like an australian on veggiemite.
Well Himself had given me enough information for that trait of my moms to kick in. I knew #1 they wanted him. An international multibilliondollar company wanted my husband to be the guy to set up a new shop, heck, in a new everything!
#2 I knew that there was a good chance that timing was going to be a big deal on this offer, so we should not wait to be told to go a second time.
I started looking up real estate, found several homes that I liked and contacted the real estate agent. Gave them a date on when we would be in town, what we were looking for, ect.

Monday Himself talked to him again about the pros and cons we had discussed (read: rehearsed) and it appears the the big cheese was impressed. The move will be sooner that September I think, and we are all very excited.


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