Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Birthday L


It may be Valentines Day to the rest of the US, but in this house its my first baby's birthday *sniff*
He is 12, can you believe it? I remember his birth VERY clearly and it amazes me it was 12 years ago. He was a colicy baby, not giving me one inch of lee way as a new mom. All my infants since him have been a breeze in comparison. Now I wonder if it wasn't just my tension at trying to get everything perfect, but not quite knowing what perfect was. I do remember telling his pediatrician about the howling, and the turkey kept telling me he had ear infections. I may have been young and over tired, but I knew he didn't have ear problems (the doctor has since had his license pulled because of over medicating children who were not sick=so glad I listened to my inner voice on that).
The day he was born, literally less than an hour after he was born, he PICKED HIS HEAD UP and looked me straight in the eye. Seriously. Strong kid from the start. Its a good thing to have a hard headed kid. If you persevere, and the good Lord enables you, strong willed kids are the ones that have the best success at standing firm in tides of complacency and immorality. I was a complacent,people pleasing kid, and would go along with the crowd cause I was too desperate to be liked to say no. Not L. The kid amazes me everyday. He is our baby whisperer with his younger siblings. Still a sloppy critter, but what kid isn't? Now, as of today, he is officially my preteen, and already looks so grown up and handsome. His personality is just as strong as it was as a demanding infant. He knows what he wants, what he likes and would be inclined to obnoxiousness about it, only he has been taught and understands that self control gets him so much further.
He plays the guitar and today he got a CryBaby wahwah pedal. It sounds like bad 70's soundtracks downstairs, but my baby is so happy and excited. A, his older step brother is getting him skid rails for his skateboard, only the skate shop was closed due to the freaking blizzard of insane winds yesterday. Tho because of insane blizzard, skateboarding is not an option today anyway LOL. So rock on little man, Mommy loves you.

And for the rest of ya, Happy Valentines Day.

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Jess said...

awww "rock on little man mommy loves you" sniff sniff. You make me cry.