Tuesday, February 20, 2007

To the Nap Cave Kiddo!

I am the smartest mother ever.

Or maybe I'm really slow and should have thought of this several children ago......

but getting shorties to take naps can be difficult at best sometimes. The girly is easy enough, but then she has become bottle dependant and thats bad for the teeth. The youngtest man is difficult on the best of days. Very stubborn, just like his father. He currently refuses to sleep in a bed like a normal person, but if there is a breakdown in the overnight pull ups, we get stinky carpet. Ew.

Enter Ikea and the 10$ purchase of Ze Nap Cave. or, the Sandmans Lair muhuwahahahahahahaaaa.


And that fantastic beautiful hand knitted blanket, you ask? My 'other' mother in law, Joyce, made that for my first baby and its still just as phenominal today as it was then. She designed it herself and its pure acryllic.Interlocking puzzle pieces in the brightest primary colors on the planet. I think I'll ask her if she still has the pattern around.........


Jess said...

how cute is that??? do they sleep together? what a bargain. sleep for the price of the ikea cave. genius.

Dana of the Pointy Sticked Clan said...

Naw, they were just checking the place out at the same time :P
Herself goes inna crib or she will toddle off.......kids, whatchagonnado?