Friday, February 23, 2007

Religion rant that has nothing to do with knitting

Is basically a pile of steaming rancid califlower goo.

I had a good friend who was ALL about the PDL and Rick Warren, enough so that her DH who was in seminary was always pushing it on Himself and I. We read it, wasn't interested, and moved on. I personally did not have a problem with the book, it just did not touch anything in me. I think the big sh*t storm with him recently in fundie circles is how he has started pushing his own agenda over scripture. Thats enough for me to keep far away from any of his stuff. What started out really good, has stepped way off into left feild. He, like Joyce Meijers, teaches God is like a yo yo. You pray just right(or have faith just right or prove your faith by planting a seed just right, ect) and He'll jump giving you whatever you want. He is also running all over the world teaching/preaching that Christ can't come until WE turn it into the millinial kingdom. I guess he skipped over about half of actual scripture to come to that delusion. Anyway, As much as the book meant well to begin with, its now used to teach against any scripture that punctures the purpose driven pocketbook. Sama ole same ole for the tv money grubbers selling faith.

Joyce Meiyers, man could I go on and on about her, but I'll let better equipped places talk. These links use HER OWN words to point out how much of a false teacher she is, and will give you the exact location on where you can go look for yourself on her videos, books and tapes. Thats not trash talking, that is educating. I thought it was awesome when you tube posted the video of when she repented of her teachings this past December when Ray Comfort was on with her! Everyone was happy for Joyce, saying how awesome it was seeing the Lord open her eyes, praising the Lord for prayers answered. Its was not a hate fest, but a call to keep praying for the confused/lost/false teachers so those that listen to them might be led back out of that crazy talk. I wonder how she is doing on that.... I have noticed that the people who that attack her and the other woffers personally, are the ones that have come out of those dark ministries themselves. That says alot to me.

As far as Calvary Chapal being about the only sound church around lately, well frankly, its the only church I have ever attended that it was JUST the Bible being taught, no pop culture added, nothing but the Bible and how to tie it all together.That doesn't mean its the only one out there, just the only one I have experienced. On the same note, I look at the guy who started it, Chuck Smith, and see how its HIS son that is one of the creators of the emergent church cults popping up all over America. The emergent church is pushing this book called "the secret" which is just the same ole bs about manifesting things for yourself like the universe is some qwickiemart waiting to take your order.What does that say about dearest dad eh? Where was dad when Chuck junior got these ideas in his head and so far off base from scripture that you are hard pressed to find anything that remotely looks like Christianity? I've been told (when I brought this very point up) you can't judge a parent by their grown kids actions, but the Bible tells me to judge a person by their fruit. Your children are the most important fruit you will ever be a part of. And then the verse about teaching a child in the way they should go, and when they are grown, they will not depart from it. Well, what does this say about Chuck seniors teaching with his own child?
So that being said, my "weirdness radar" is on high alert at church because Calvary Chapals seem to produce a lot of chuck smith clones. The guy in charge when we started attending, man, scripture just dripped off him, like this amazing fountain. That he was studying and loving the Lord daily was evident in his daily life. And SO self effacing, humble. He and his wife recently left to go to New Orleans to build a church. They have been down in NO 2 weeks out of every 4 since the hurricane hit and felt the Lord wanted them full time. Rock on.
But now this new guy.......well, we are just going to have to give him some time and see, eh?

I personally think that CC's are so touted is because they got away from denominationalism. All this crap about "well I'm presbyterian, and you are baptist, oh hi, you must be episcopalian" ALL that stupid stupid toe the line on specific denominational beliefs is tearing up the body of Christ. The ONLY thing that should matter is the Word of God. There is no one part that is more relevant than another, but that is the essence of denominations. One has water baptism higher on a "must have" list where another has fruits of the spirit like speaking in tongues as a proof. Some preach nothing but fire and brim stone while others are all about your self esteem and feel good about yourself, even the sin part is okay. All these different things each church denomination does in a service, from how the pastor is dressed, to the choir's tune down the line into the out reach programs, all these things are just "stuff" that can and will tie you down. Its self imposed legalism. We tie ourselves to position papers and motivational speakers instead of scripture, and then wonder why our culture is rejecting the very book this country was founded on. Its because the book as a whole is not taught, but instead, the pet scriptures of whichever denomination. Lets face it yall, when it comes right down to it, denominations DO take the position of "We are more right than those others." How absurd. We are human. Aint none of us right about anything all the time. (except maybe me ;) )

I, personally, am furious I was never taught diddly about the Bible being a whole book. I love that the Lord led us to a church that is nondenominational and teaches it as a whole book. None of that "the old testament is dead history" balonga. On the very same point though, I am not inclined to accept the new guy JUST because he has a Calvary Chapel education. His Sunday service is fantasticly detailed, giving original greek words/meanings, detailing where on the time line this book was written, fer crying in a bucket, it took us 12 weeks just to get all the way through the book of James because he was so detailed in referencing each and every passage back to the Old Testament and other New Test books. Really awesome education. So far so good, and with time, we shall see eh?

Well then. I guess thats about enough rant for one night.
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