Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dark Chocolate

I think its the time of the month I need to dine soley on dark chocolate.


I managed to get two more logs on my lil cabin blankie of cuteness last night. was watching Lost and needed mindless knitting for that. I was pleasantly suprised by the episode, the first 6 episodes of this season being somewhat tiresome. I honestly expected to watch last night and be able to say "Yeah, I am totally done with this show" because I'm just one of those people who actually care about a good plot line MORE than who is going to hook up with who. I totally saw Jules's Ex getting hit by the bus coming though muhuwahhahahahahaaaaaa

This morning I forwent my usual routine of getting slogged down into the internet and went directly to my cardigan. I couldn't bear to frog the precious knit, so I just cast on a new cuff heh heh. Now that the ribbed colorwork is done, it was easy for me to start the frogging process. Because I had cast on the bad sleeve too large to begin with, I can easily reclaim the yarn and not worry about it being too short for new sleeve. yus? We shall see. Meanwhile, My lil blondie of cuteness is asking me to a tea party, so off I go.


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