Saturday, February 24, 2007

MI got a swat in

on mah tukkus hehehehehehe

I wish we would have had the recorder going cause it must have been great. Today was spent cleaning up the yard and cutting/restacking more wood for the woodstove. Since we know we could be moving soon, we want to get as much clean up done beforehand. Makes sense yus? I did a pile of shopping for finishing touches on the house, Himselfy worked with the older boys out in the yard. By the time I got home from my 3rtd shopping trip I was really stoked about how much had been acomplished and decided to throw my bit in on the back yard. Wheeeeeee
Last year Leo got ramps for his skateboard on his birthday, and this year they are used to build snow forts, Well, since we have that massive storm system coming, I thought I better bring em up neatly to the house so no one would trip over them once covered in snow and ice, only I had to cross ice to get to them.
My feet literally flew up from under me and I landed squarely on my cushy tushy.
My tukkus hurts.
The small of my back hurts.
And I can not stop laughing.

All this talk about moving and how much I really want out of the not so great state of Michigan and BOOM the MI weather gets a good icy swat at me. I think it was rather petty, but I suppose I deserve it on some level.

I am SO not going to miss this area. ;-)

In knitting news, I'm up to row 11 AFTER my 4 inches of ribbing on the fair isle sweater. Lil miss priss had me up at 6:30 this morning, so we got some coffee and some milk, and settled down for some Lost and knitting. Good quality mother daughter time if I do say so myself ;-D

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